A series of workshops, talks and activities organised around the world, focused on bringing more purpose to our lives, our interactions with each other and with the planet we share.

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    disconnect2reconnect is a community of people who remind each other that meaningful connections are within our reach. Who openly share their skills and insights to bring each other a more conscious way of living.

  • Do you ever feel disconnected?

    We are living in the most connected era ever, yet we've never been more disconnected.

    Disconnected from ourselves

    Do you ever feel like you are living your life in auto-pilot? Forgotten why you are doing what your doing? Maybe even having trouble feeling fulfilled? Then join us. Feeling disorientated is a part of life.

    Disconnected from each other

    In this incredibly connected era, we seem to have lost our sense of community. Staring at our devices, instead of each other. We are creatures designed to connect and d2r helps us re-establish those connections again.

    Disconnected from our planet

    Mother earth gives us so much, and we keep taking from it, but how often do we stop to consider what we could give back? Many of us completely forget that we are part of it, all connected to each other, and the planet we share.

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    Spend time with us reinvigorating your mind, body and soul, cruising the Atlantic ocean from Cartagena to Lisbon - May 28th - June 9th





    YuYang Huang - Freelance writer


    Tusitala is a Samoan word and their language can't be written. The elders (Tusitala) are the libraries and they tell stories to share their wisdom.

    In this workshop YuYang will present the concept of storytelling and its use to connect with people, feel belonged and credit extraordinary intimacy. How can we view things differently? How can we discover the meaning of our experiences? By listening, telling and sharing stories we can be vulnerable and heal ourselves from our past.



    Gustavo Vidal & Dragana Nozica - Founders of D2R


    We aren't afraid of heights, we are afraid of falling. We aren't afraid of showing our true selves, we are afraid of getting hurt. We learn to build walls, to protect ourselves and to be in control. We play it cool and never give it all in, and by doing that we're not allowing ourselves to be real and to connect.

    Vulnerability is not for the weak. Vulnerability is the ultimate act of courage. The courage to show yourself to the world as you are. An interactive workshop on how being vulnerable can have a profound impact on your life.




    Patrick Farrell - Acro Yogi


    AcroYoga blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics, and the kindness of healing arts. Using these practices, you will cultivate grounding, balance, strength and surrender to achieve flight.


    AcroYoga has 3 main elements:

    • Solar Acrobatic Practices that cultivate trust, empowerment and joy.
    • Lunar Healing Arts Practices that cultivate listening, loving and letting go.
    • Yogic Practices that cultivate breathe awareness, life balance and connection.

    You will be introduced to partner yoga, assisted inversions, basic partner acro yoga, and therapeutic flying. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of AcroYoga, including basing (being the person on the bottom), flying (being the person on top), and spotting (being the person keeping the other two safe). The aim of the workshop is to help you feel inspired to continue a self-practice.



    Brigit Pestalozzi - Love and relationship coach


    'Love and relationships. The nature of those two complicated and sometimes moody fellows makes the world go ‘round. Without knowing it, we use love as our inner compass in every situation and every decision we take in life. In this workshop we will dive right into the topic and try to shed some light on the seemingly uncontrollable. Specifically, we will talk about love and relationships that exist between two love partners. How do we fall in love. Is there a difference between men and women when falling in love. How do we make it last and keep it excited. Are humans meant to be monogamous? What happens after an affair? Can we influence any of these questions or are we helplessly exposed to what “it” makes with us. Knowledge is power. The goal of the first part of this workshop is to give you the knowledge to (re)gain the helm and determine where your relationship floats.



    Eef Lommelen - Sexologist


    In this workshop, intimacy will be explored. How close could you (be)come? What makes situations awkward and why is that? What makes things exciting and in what evolutionary perspective could you place it? What connects people? Is it chemical or also rational? What makes the rational irrational and why? It's about talking, doing, being or becoming. You choose



    Explore your non visual senses eating delicious 3 course dinner. Scent, sounds, textures, temperature and taste in complete darkness giving pleasure in an unfamiliar environment.

    This workshop accelerates and enhances trust and empathy. Participants spend two to three hours blindfolded.



    Music is the ultimate universal language and a mechanism to bring us together. When voices chant the same melodies and rhythms make our bodies move at the same beat, we are helpless to feel bonded to each other. Bring your musical instrument, your voice or your good spirit to this music circle open to everyone.

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